What we are doing to keep our club safe

Feb 21, 2021

What we are doing to keep our club safe

We are open and you can enjoy tennis, lap and family swim, gym, drill clinics, private tennis lessons, junior programs and three outdoor dining areas. We have been implementing an array of precautions and measures so that every member can enjoy our facilities in a safe way.

We ask everyone continue to follow all safety protocols while at NBTC – wash your hands, sanitize frequently, and wear a mask when not on the courts.

Please practice social distancing to prevent the spread of covid-19. NBTC has rigorous standards in place to sanitize and clean the facility and protect our employees, but we need your help as well!
We thank you for doing your part.

HOURS OF OPERATIONS  (from January 22, 2021)

WEEKDAYS: 6:30am-9pm
WEEKENDS: 6:30am-7pm

WEEKDAYS: 8am – 9pm
WEEKENDS: 8am -6pm

WEEKDAYS: 6:30am-8pm
WEEKENDS: 6:30am-7pm


1. Social distancing required and safety measures in place.
2. Pool opens at 6:30am.
3. 45 min lap swim and max 2 people per lane. (if agreed upon)
4. No guests allowed from 6.30 am till noon.
5. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed to swim from 6:30-12 noon.
6. Lap only swim time is 6:30-12 daily
7. Family swim time is 12-close daily which means a portion of the  pool is for family swim
8. Children under 8 must be accompanied by a parent or babysitter over 14 years old at all times

9. Pool diapers are mandatory for children under 3 years of age

1. The court bookings will be available on the following times 8.3AM, 10AM, 11.30PM, 2PM, 3:30PM, 5PM & 6:30PM
2. Check out our clinic schedule on our website, some new offerings!
3. All larger tennis events will be temperature checked
4. Please continue to book courts by calling or emailing. You may also book at window socially distant
5. Gate 2 will be open during prime time as exit only
6. NBTC will NOT hold any lost & found items at this time
7. Sunday Club Mixer every week.
8. Friday Margarita mixer every week
9. Outside Tournaments have not been approved
10. Please book your guests with the CD office, any member who does not will be subject to a $10 guest fee
11. All member groups must supply the names of the players at least 3 days ahead of the match time

1. Members are required to wear masks or face covering on club grounds. Please continue to wear masks when entering the club, in the locker rooms and when coming off the courts. You may take your mask off when you are seated for a meal. Please stay vigilant
2. Please do not move dining tables, chairs, or pool lounge chairs. If you need assistance, please find a server. Moreover, please do not crowd tables or add additional seats to a table
3. Takeout service available to members and non-members : call 949-644-0437